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Beyond The Hustle Mastermind

Beyond The Hustle is uniquely designed for driven, successful women like you, aiming to
shift the paradigm from constant pushing to embracing flow without losing the essence of taking big action.

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For 12 months

The Living Beyond The Hustle Total Program is Valued at

Over $80,000

Worth of Life-Changing Strategies, Support and Value

Coaching Calls with Kerry & Jessica

$24,000 VALUE

* Monthly Coaching Call with Jessica focused on networking, deal building,
raising capital, & partnerships.

* Monthly Coaching Call with Kerry focused on “Mindset” to help you in real time, elevate
your business & life with speed & ease.

2 Exclusive adventure retreats with Kerry, Jessica & Tribe

$18,000 VALUE

With Access To These Amazing Bonuses!

$2,000 VALUE

1:1 90-minute Branding & Marketing audit with Legacy Live CMO, Matthew Lutz focused on optimization, conversion, and growth to help you rapidly elevate your brand & business

$2,500 VALUE

1:1 60-minute consulting call with Legacy Live President & CEO, Jerry Conti, focused on joint ventures, power-networking, and business development

$20,000 VALUE

Beyond The Hustle Book: Become a best selling author with the BTH collaborative book soon to be released!

$10,000 VALUE

For the first 5 to enroll, a solo email promotion to 100k of Legacy Live’s email list

$4000 VALUE

For the next 4 to enroll, a solo email promotion to 30k of Legacy Live’s email list

$2000 VALUE

For the next 3 to enroll, a solo email to 10k of Legacy Live’s email list

Ready To Reach Beyond Your Current Limits?

Seeking a sanctuary to unleash your true self, away from the pressures of your high-powered role? You’re not alone. Beyond The Hustle is tailored to fuel your personal growth and adventurous spirit.

Within this exclusive sisterhood of like-minded women leaders, discover a safe haven to let loose, conquer challenges, rediscover joy, and forge enduring bonds. 

This transformative and thrilling experience invites you to explore (and expand) the depths of your personal success, embrace new adventures, and connect with women building legacies as big as the one you’re planning on giving to the world. Here, you’ll find inspiration and guidance from the collective strength of women who, like you, are defining success on their own terms. 

Prepare to step beyond your comfort zone, conquer anything holding you back, and live life to the fullest … Beyond The Hustle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond the Hustle is an experiential mastermind for women who have excelled in their fields. This unique event combines luxurious settings, thrilling adventures, and the opportunity to connect deeply with other high-achieving women.

This mastermind is uniquely tailored for high-achieving women entrepreneurs and leaders who aspire beyond business growth, seeking personal enrichment and adventure. With limited seating, we ensure an intimate and impactful environment, fostering deep growth and lasting connections.

Beyond The Hustle is co-sponsors by Beyond Bliss, LLC and Legacy Live

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